Artificial Turf

Turf on Balcony

Artificial Turf for Renters

Your property can benefit from artificial grass installation, even if you are a renter. Artificial turf is an excellent way to improve the look and enjoyment of all properties, whether you are an owner or a tenant.

Low-Maintenance Turf

What Are The Benefits of Artificial Grass?

There are so many benefits to installing turf for your next residential or commercial project. Artificial grass for yards offers an unmatched combination of value, beauty, and durability. Turf is similar to natural grass in appearance without maintenance of grass.

Turf for dogs and pets

Is Pet Turf Right for Your Lawn?

Turf is a great option for pets. In fact, nearly 2/3 of all synthetic grass households are pet owners. Southern Turf Co. installs pet turf using pet-friendly products to keep your furry family members having fun year-round.

Backyard Turf

Real Grass vs. Artificial Turf

Savvy homeowners are choosing artificial grass as a superior alternative to real grass in order to maximize enjoyment and minimize maintenance. Central Turf Co. is dedicated to helping you create the yard of your dreams.